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General is a patient engagement & education platform which makes it easy for healthcare seekers and healthcare providers to connect with each other through information that matters the most.
All your personal information on is safe. We do not share your information with anybody else without your approval. Further, we use SSL certificate to secure and encrypt exchange of information between your browser and web server. This ensures added security for all online communications you do on

For Patients

No. All our services are totally free for you.
Patients can choose a healthcare provider better if they have multiple options to choose from and have an easy access to plenty of information about each option. In this context, a website is the best tool for accessing information about a clinic. However, most clinics do not have a websites making it difficult for patients to know about them. Some clinics have a website, but it's not easy for patients to find their websites. Also the information on such websites is limited to particular clinic and its doctors, making it difficult for patients to do a competitive evaluation based on limited options. On the contrary, allows you to view multiple clinic websites quickly at one place. This not only increases options available to you but also makes it easy for you to compare clinics on aspects that matter the most in your decision making. In addition, tools like patient satisfaction index, clinic ratings and doctor recommendations further makes healthcare provider selection more informed on
You can search in 4 different ways (coming soon) depending on what you already know about your requirement.
You can use to get price estimates for procedures that you are planning to undergo. Many clinics publish the procedures they perform with price estimates on their website, while some expect patients to contact them for price estimates. In either case, you can use our "Enquiry" feature to directly send your enquiry about the procedure to as many clinics as you want to get price estimates.
The price quoted to you is based on clinic's past experience with similar procedures. So you can consider it as a reliable ballpark estimate though not an exact price. However, ballpark is something that can help you choose a clinic competitively and plan for your budgets accordingly.
Yes. Requesting an appointment with doctors is extremely easy on Just use our "Enquiry" feature, specify your preferred day and time-slot and done! We will get back to you with the confirmation.
There are 2 ways to contact a clinic. One is a direct way where patient contacts the clinic on contact numbers published on their website. Second way is to connect with a clinic through enquiry feature. While you can always choose the option that suits you the most, connecting through enquiry feature makes it easy for you as well as the clinic to track, respond or manage the requests more efficiently. is a patient-friendly healthcare marketplace and therefore patients are encouraged to share their experience with clinics they visit. This not only helps other patients make informed decisions but also provides valuable feedback to healthcare providers. There are 3 ways in which you can share your experience:
Patient Satisfaction Index: This helps you express your overall subjective experience at a clinic in one word (very good, good, fair, poor and not satisfied).
Clinic Ratings: You can rate a clinic on various parameters such as Cleanliness, Staff Co-Operation, Waiting Time, Quality of Care and Value for Money
Doctor Recommendation: You can recommend a doctor on various attributes that are important for you as a patient (Medical Expertise, Listens & Gives time, Compassion and Bed-side Manners). You can share your experience either from search results page or from individual clinic's website. All your ratings and recommendations are displayed anonymously.
You can rate a clinic in 2 ways. Use our Patient Satisfaction Index which helps you capture your overall experience at a clinic in just one word (very good, good, fair, poor and not satisfied). Additionally, you can also Rate a Clinic on various parameters such as Cleanliness, Staff Co-Operation, Waiting Time, Quality of Care and Value for Money. All your ratings will be displayed anonymously.
You can recommend a doctor on various attributes that are important for you as a patient e.g medical expertise, ability to listen & gives enough time, compassion and bed-side manners. We display your recommendations anonymously.
Yes. You can share a clinic website or a doctor profile with your friends and relatives through email or on your social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twittter etc.
We verify as much information as possible before a clinic can publish its website on However, all the data is submitted to us by the clinics and hence the final responsibility for accuracy of information lies with the clinics. We also encourage users to send us a feedback in case they suspect any inaccuracy of information on our website.
We are very sorry if you couldn't find a clinic you are looking for. This is most likely because the clinic you are interested in is not yet registered with Since we are expanding our database every day, we assure you will not face such problems in future.

For Healthcare Providers is India’s first patient engagement platform created for doctors by doctors. It helps doctors like you to engage existing patients and acquire new patients with high quality health information and other novel tools. Technically, it is an easy to use web-software which offers following benefits to you:
1. You can create & manage your own mobile-friendly, responsive & dynamic website.
2. Get peer-reviewed patient education material & media for your website.
3. Publish your own health topics & videos.
4. Post & promote news & events; get online registrations through your website.
5. Communicate with patients across your website (health questions & online enquiries & appointments).
6. Patients & you can manage all communications through secured accounts.
7. Automate your email, SMS & digital/social media marketing & promotion efforts.
8. Schedule online appointments & manage reminders to patients & staff.
We charge a nominal annual subscription for using our services which starts from as low as INR 5999/- per year.
Absolutely! You save a lot by using
It will be highly expensive if you create a mobile-friendly, dynamic website with as many features as through conventional web-designers or agencies. When you create a website through conventional channels, you will have to pay a huge upfront amount in designing, themes, logos, images and developing the software portion of the solution which will offer other benefits apart from a website. Additionally, you will have to bear an annual maintenance costs and pay significantly for any small or big update that you wish to do on your website. In general, it will cost you not less than INR50000/- upfront to create such a website and around INR12-15000/- per year to maintain it without significant updates. With, you need not pay any upfront costs! That’s a huge saving, isn’t it? Further, our subscription costs are less than half of annual maintenance costs incurred on conventional websites.
Second important advantage apart from costs is that you can create, control & update your own website with ease. We also constantly adopt and upgrade your website with newer technological features and offer many free updates. As a result your website on always remains current and relevant to patients.
Yes absolutely! In fact, we have created to make it easy for users just like you to create your own website with ease.
Yes. We are always there to resolve your queries and help you set up a beautiful website. Just email us at or give us a call.
Yes. Create your website now before someone else claims a similar name.
No. All the featured templates on are free to you. We are constantly increasing our repository of templates so you have plenty of options to choose from. All our templates are exclusively designed for clinics by some of the best designers across the world.
Yes you can. All our templates are highly customizable in terms of colors and images to suit your style.
You can update your website as frequently as you want for free. The updated information will be available immediately on your clinic website. The clinic websites which are updated regularly also get a priority in our search results.
You can create a website on even if you have your own website. Every website on is searchable by millions of patients which increase online visibility of your clinic tremendously. Apart from this, the website on is equipped with some of the most powerful features to connect with new patients and engage existing patients better. Check all the features on healthcare provider page.
Yes you can. We will help you map your domain name to your website on Email us at
Yes you can. Once deactivated, your clinic website will not be available in our search results and on other major search engines. You can activate your clinic website anytime later. Email us at or give us a call on (+91) 8408878877. is an exclusive platform for clinics to create a professional website and showcase facilities and services to patients in an engaging manner. A website is the best way for a clinic to connect with patients through information that is most relevant to patients. Apart from this, website on is equipped with some of the most powerful features to connect with new patients and engage existing patients better. Check all the features on healthcare provider page. A listing or a directory is limited in terms of information or its ability to engage patients with a clinic in a meaningful way.
Yes. We show your clinic to patients who are looking for similar clinics based on their search queries and localities of interest. Not only this, we also help your website feature on major search engines like Google. This not only makes your website visible to more patients but also increases your chances of getting new patients.
We verify the information on every website by calling the clinic before the website becomes visible to patients in our search results. It generally takes 1-2 working days after a clinic has submitted the website for publication. In case clinic does not respond within 1-2 days, this process may get further delayed.
Apart from our efforts to make your website visible to as many patients as possible, we have created few tools for you to promote it yourself. You can share link of your clinic website with existing patients and colleges by Email or on Facebook, Google+ & Twitter. You can also add clinic website link to your email signature.
You can manage patient enquiries from your dashboard. We notify you as soon as an enquiry is made so you can promptly respond to the same. You can track all pending and responded enquiries from your dashboard.
If a clinic does not respond within 5 working days, the enquiry expires. This can happen, for example, if the clinic is having holidays or does not do a procedure that matches the needs of patient. Once the request has expired, the clinic may no longer be able to quote for it. Clinics that promptly respond to the enquiries get a higher preference in our search results.
Yes. Clinics with images are 5 times more likely to be viewed by patients than those without images. Call us if you need help in this area.
You can keep your patients, colleagues and friends updated by publishing news and events happening at your clinic on your website. Not only this, visitors coming to your website will also be able to share the news and events within their social networks, giving your events maximum coverage.
Our smart analytics system tracks performance of your clinic's website and provide you with a detailed report periodically. Every report is accompanied by simple tips to improve the performance further.
People who have visited your clinic as patients or accompanied the patients can rate your clinic and share their experience on All the ratings are displayed anonymously in order to protect patients' privacy.
Yes. A clinic can invite patients to rate by sharing a link on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) or through email.
You can create website for a clinic that you own or manage or for which you are an authorized person to do so. If you are a healthcare provider who does not own or manage a clinic, but attached to some other clinic, you can request that particular clinic to create their website on and add you as one of the doctors
There are several things you can do to increase your website’s placement in search results on as well as other search engines such as Google, Bing etc.
  • Use clinic’s name in the URL
  • Ensure accuracy of clinic address & contact numbers
  • Upload doctor and clinic images; more the better
  • Display as many procedures as possible; add price range
  • Share your site with patients; get ratings/recommendations
  • Publish health topics, news & events
  • Respond to patient enquiries promptly
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