Plans & Pricing

Feature/Plans Professional
Rs. 8,800/year
Rs. 11,800/year
Rs. 16,800/year
Mobile-Friendly, Dynamic, Personalized Website for Your Practice (SmartSite™)
Personal Domain Name (e.g.
Web Hosting & SSL Encryption
Secure Doctor Dashboard to Create, Manage, Update/Edit Website Easily
Access to Multiple Dynamic, Mobile-friendly (Responsive) Website Themes
Access to Hundreds of Logos & HD Banner Images
Image Gallery on Website & Personal Image Uploadsfor Website Banner
Video Uploads on Website X
Interactive Website Features –Enquiry Form with Unlimited Fields, Appointment Booking, Online Health Questions from Website, Ratings, Recommendations, Testimonials, Social Media Sharing on all Pages

Free official Email id (e.g. for business communications X X
Free Dashboard for Your Patients to Communicate with Your Clinic
Website Analytics with Multiple Free Updates
Health Information Repository & Patient Engagement on Your Website
Access >4000 Quality, Peer-reviewed Patient Education Topics on Your Site
Publish Own Health Feed & Media
Patient Health Questions Management from Secure Dashboard
Social Media & WhatsApp Sharing of Health Topics
Digital Promotion & Marketing Automation for Your Practice
Publish News, Events with Media on Your Website
Dedicated Page for Every News & Event with Online Registration for Events
Boost News & Events Easily with Social Media, SMS & WhatsApp Integration
Personalized, Real-time & Automated Email Marketing to Patients & Peers X
Personalized Birthday Emails to Patients & Peers X
Create SMS Marketing Campaigns in Multiple Languages X
SMS Campaign Management with Analytics X
Communications & Scheduling through Your Own Website
Online Enquiries & Appointments Management
Online Consultation with Patients from Secured Dashboard
Unlimited Appointment Scheduling - Multiple Doctors X
Appointment Reminders via SMS & Emails to Patients & Staff X
Google Calendar Sync for Appointments - Multiple Doctors X
Patient & Peer Contact Database & Groups Management X
Testimonials & Digital Word-of-Mouth Management for Your Practice
Online & Off-line Testimonials & Display on Website with Images and Videos
Online Clinic Ratings & Doctor Recommendations Management
Automated Feedback Collection from Patients via SMS X
Internet Search Visibility for Your Practice Website
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Indexing in Google, Bing, Yahoo
Social Media Optimization (SMO) for Facebook, Google+, Twitter
SEO Strategic Page with Unique Content for Increased Search Frequency X X
Research-based Keywords and Topic Suggestions for Content Creation X X
Dedicated WhatsApp Group with Content Coordinator for Quick Site Updates X X
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BUY 1000 SMS 3000 SMS 5000 SMS
Transactional SMS Rs. 350 Rs. 1050 Rs. 1750
Promotional SMS Rs. 200 Rs. 600 Rs. 1000

Per SMS costs =0.20Ps (Promotional) & 0.35Ps (Transactional); Additional Email ids would cost 500/- per ID one time cost.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

If you are not 100% satisfied with your website on AboutMyClinic, please contact us within 7 days of purchase to request a refund of your subscription. You can contact us via or call us on +91-8408878877.

Refund of your subscription will be subject to one time processing charge which will be equal to one month of your subscription amount calculated from your annual subscription plan.

Refund requested beyond 7 days will not be valid unless the transaction is proven to be fraudulent in nature.

Refund of SMS purchase

Transactions related to SMS purchase are not refundable.

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