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Acne or pimples are due to changes in oil gland activity due to hormonal changes in teenage or sometimes in middles age as well. Most of the times acne resolve with age. But hey leave unsightly marks and pits which are permanent. Acne, in early stage are easy to treat, and they can be cleared without marks. Treatment of marks and scars is more difficult and expensive. So it is important to treat acne as soon as they start appearing, at early stage itself.
PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. Platelets or Yellow Cells in blood are rich in growth factors. They play important role in wound healing. For hair loss PRP therapy provides very safe and effective treatment. In PRP therapy, 6-8 ml of blood is taken from the patient, and Platelet Rich Plasma is seperated from it by centrifugation. This PRP is delievered directly to the hair roots via tiny needles. PRP provides hair roots rich growth stimulants, nutrients. Their source is patient's own blood, so it is safe.
Mesotherapy involves delivering of synthetic growth factors to the hair roots. Mesotherapy ensures hair roots get maximum growth factors and nutrients.
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